• Icefresh GmbH with its fish production is settled in Groß-Gerau.
  • The production facility and an office are in an industry park called "Nextpark".
  • Frankfurt International airport is nearby, only 25 km away, and can be reached in less than half a hour.
  • When reaching "Nextpark" gateway there is a big map on the wall one can find out where to go visiting Icefresh GmbH.
  • There is a parking place on the back of the building behind the big tanks.


High quality fresh fish

Icefresh GmbH
Union-Brauerei-Str. 4d
64521 Groß-Gerau
Tel.: +496152/80799-0 | Fax: +496152/80799-29


     Certified sustainable seafood MSC    New IFS logoASC   

MSC-C-52620                                            ASC-C-00132